Archikids Festival 2015

  • One weekend
  • 35 activities
  • 3,500 children
  • 5,000+ families
  • A fantastic success!

Archikids Festival 2015 celebrated it's third year with 35 activities opening city landmarks to over 3,800 children.

On the 25 & 26 July 2015 the City of London saw it's streets filled with exploring archi-tectives, discovering the Sqaure Mile's architectural and engineering feats!

Key highlights:


  • 3,338 children participants (50% increase from 2014 of 1,800 children)
  • 5,000+ family attendees including children, parents, guardians


  • 35 Activities
  • Structure Rocks engineering strand
  • Eco Explorer workshops with local schools before the festival
  • Archi-Art Competition for budding new designers
  • 170 professional facilitators assisted Open-City, including architects, engineers artists, designers, educators


  • Archikids Festival is unique by hosting the activities directly in the inspiring spaces of the City
  • 5 Festival Hubs across City of London’s Square Mile (Four hubs new to the programme in 2015)
  • Our Venue Partners include 30 St Mary Axe, Broadgate, 6 Bevis Marks, Guildhall, Aldgate - view the venues map

What did we achieve?
2015 marked a ‘Step-Change’ for the festival in its third year

  1. Larger Audience
  2. Bigger Programme
  3. Greater Activity Learning

‘A fantastic experience, we attend every year & see archikids as a supplementary experience to our 4 children’s schooling -
science, DT, art history and geography all in one big family day out- invaluable!’ Parent in 2015