About the Archikids Festival

“Archikids activities take place in the streets, markets and plazas of the
City of London, affording children the opportunity to work in front of some
of the most inspiring architectural landmarks in the UK. The usual
working-week buzz of the financial district is replaced with a new kind of
energy during the Archikids festival weekend. For two days it feels like
children and their families hold the keys to the City of London and
creativity is the only currency that talks.”

Ben Long, Artist

Archikids is Open-City's flagship family festival of architecture. It is an annual weekend programme of free architectural activities located in the City of London’s Square Mile. The festival encourages young people of neighbouring boroughs to discover the City of London’s fantastic buildings and architecture through the programmed activities. Archikids will establish itself as a main programme in Open-City’s education strand.

Why Archikids Festival?
Open-City believe that the best way to understand good design is to engage first hand with the buildings and places of the city. Developing our successful puplic engagment progarmem Open House London toward the next generation, Archikids Festival hosts a variety of engaging activities – tours, workshops, exploration trails, and competitions - directly in the inspiring spaces of the city.

Who will be involved?
Architects, artists, engineers, designers, students and city workers will help Open-City’s education team run these fabulous activities and help us discover the public spaces and places where we live, work and play each day! With over 15 years experience in architectural education Open-City has the knowledge, skill set and relationships to facilitate this unique education platform.
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Why is Archikids Festival successful?
Because Archikids:

  • Creates the first free and inclusive festival of architecture for children.
  • Showcases innovative thinking and practice to educate future generations about their city.
  • Allows young people to access a part of their city, which is normally not frequented by children.
  • Encourages hard-to-reach young audience to extend their horizons beyond their own neighbourhoods.
  • Produces activity resources to help children learn about their built environment, usable throughout the year.

Who supports the Festival?
Archikids is supported by a number of organisations - Read more.

A Snapshot of the Festival

Archikids Festival, 23-24th July 2016 from Open City on Vimeo.