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Archikids to join the Magna Carta 800th year celebrations

Open-City is delighted to be taking part in the Magna Carta's 800th year anniversary celebrations this year. As part of Archikids Festival 2015, we will be running a brand-new 'Magna-Crafta' activity engaging children in the craftsmanship and craetive architecture of 'Early English Gothic'. A lot more fun than you might think, Early English Gothic architecture is filled with gargoyles, flying butresses, fantastic stain-glass, sculptures and more.

How is the Magna Carta linked to architecture?
A clause in Magna Carta still valid today declares that London along with all other cities shall enjoy their ancient liberties and customs. The signing of Magna Carta protected the interests of the City of London’s traders giving ancient tradesmen and craftsmen the freedom of navigation, trade and creativity. ‘Magna-Crafta’ will teach children about the architectural forms ancient craftsmen were granted the freedom to create and invite them to recreate and create their very own medieval designs.

A fun and free activity for all the family (ideal for children aged 5-8 yrs), the workshop will inspire young Londoners about the City of London’s creative past and its role in the Magna Carta. Keep checking this website for uptodate details on the activity - due to take place on 25 & 26 July 2015.

For more information on the Magna Carta 800th anniversary events - click here.

Archikids Festival opens iconic City buildings for scooter trails, kite clubs and lego landmarks!
Open-City to host the second Archikids Festival in the Square Mile this July (26 & 27). Join the 30+ activities taking place accross the city - and all for FREE. Read more here.

Sculpture in the City
Our public realm offers exciting possibilities to inhabit, animate and engage. The schools and community project of Sculpture in the City invite participants to explore the public realm spaces of the City through a series of dynamic workshops. Open-City has been running there exciting workshops with 8 local schools in the City.

Join the Lego Cinema at Barbican
Open-City will be running a giant lego city workshop in partnership with the Lego Movie at the Barbican Framed Cinema Club. Join us on 26 April!

Be an Urban Explorer with the NEW City of London Children's Trail
Let Draco the dragon show you around the City! From towering, modern skyscrapers to mysterious, medieval fortresses and fabulous, world-class museums to the imposing, world-famous Tower Bridge, the City is packed with iconic landmarks and hidden gems just waiting to be explored.

To find out more and pick up a trail visit City of London Website.

For more information about any of the above activities please contact archikids@open-city.org.uk or tel: 020 7383 0782